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Steel Cable Systems

Steel wire rope systems are a robust and flexible solution for a variety of applications in industry, construction and architectural design. From support structures to suspension and cabling systems, these systems offer a wide range of benefits and possibilities.

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Steel wire rope systems consist of wire ropes made from high quality stainless steel, known for its strength, durability and ability to withstand heavy loads.

These cables are used in conjunction with a variety of accessories, such as end fittings, turnbuckles and fasteners, to create versatile and reliable support structures and systems.

Applications on steel wire ropes and accessories

1. Support structures

Steel wire rope systems are widely used in the construction of support structures for roofs, awnings, canopies and pergolas. Their strength and flexibility make them ideal for creating robust suspension systems that can withstand varying loads and adverse weather conditions.

2. Suspension systems

In architectural design, steel wire rope systems are used to create suspension and tension effects on decorative elements such as lights, glass panels and sculptures. Their ability to maintain uniform tension along the cable makes them ideal for creating striking and elegant visual installations.

3. Cabling and tensioning

In industrial and commercial applications, steel wire rope systems are used for the cabling and tensioning of safety nets, guardrails, handrails and restraint systems. Their corrosion resistance and ability to maintain tension even under extreme load conditions make them a reliable choice for ensuring safety and stability in a variety of environments.

4. Decoration and design

In the field of interior and exterior design, steel wire rope systems are used to create decorative and functional elements such as railings, suspended ladders and display systems. Their minimalist design and ability to visually disappear into the environment make them ideal for projects that require a sleek, modern look.

Advantages of this system

1. Strength and durability

The stainless steel used in steel wire ropes is known for its corrosion resistance and durability, ensuring long life and reliable performance even in harsh environments.

2. Flexibility and adaptability

Wire rope systems are highly flexible and can be easily adapted to a variety of applications and architectural designs. Their ability to be cut and configured according to project needs makes them highly versatile and functional.

3. Attractive aesthetics

The slim and elegant design of steel wire ropes, coupled with the visual transparency they offer, allows for the creation of structures and systems that complement the aesthetics of any environment without obstructing the view.

4. Easy installation and maintenance

The installation of steel wire rope systems is relatively simple and requires little maintenance over time. With the right equipment and professional guidance, these systems can be installed efficiently and safely, minimising costs and downtime on site.

Wire rope accessories

Whether you are working on a construction, architectural design or engineering project, wire rope systems offer a versatile and reliable solution for a variety of applications.

Consider incorporating these systems into your projects to take advantage of their benefits in terms of strength, flexibility and aesthetics.


Steel wire rope systems represent an innovative and versatile solution for a wide range of industrial and design applications. Their strength, flexibility and attractive aesthetics make them a popular choice for projects requiring reliable and elegant support, suspension and cabling solutions.

Explore the possibilities offered by wire rope systems and discover how they can enhance the quality and impact of your projects.



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